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Rotor Assy

Genuine OEM Milwaukee Rotor Assembly Part # 23-40-7110
OEM part for: Milwaukee
Part Number: 23-40-7110
Product Description 
Rotor Assembly Milwaukee replacement part. This is an OEM part for Milwaukee Reciprocating Circular Saw Parts/Saw Parts.
Condition: Brand New, Genuine OEM Milwaukee Electronics Assembly. 100% Guaranteed. Well-constructed, tough, dependable parts. See pictures for more details.
  • 2730-20 Cordless M18 Fuel Circular Saw
  • 2730-21 Cordless M18 Fuel Circular Saw
  • Milwaukee 2730-059-(F70A)
  • Milwaukee 2730-20-(F31A)
  • Milwaukee 2730-21-(F31A)
  • Milwaukee 2730-22-(F31A)
This item works with the following types of products:
Circular Saw Parts
Saw Parts