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Norpro Canning Lid Rack

Manufacturer #:605

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The Norpro canning lid rack is a practical tool for canning. It is designed to lower and remove lids safely from broiling water, while allowing water to fully immerse the lids. Simply fill rack with canning lids, immerse in boiling water, keep rack and lids in boiling water until ready to use, so that lids will make a proper seal. Remove lids one at a time, as you need to use them.

  • Practical tool for canning
  • Lids won’t stick together
  • Specially designed to lower canning lids into boiling water and remove them safely and easily.
  • Holds 12 canning lids of any size (wide mouth or regular)
  • Unique design allows water to circulate freely around lids and keeps hands away from heat.
  • Wooden handle stays cool.