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Mustang Shifter Assembly

Shifter Assembly J4390-9209
OEM part for: Power Wheels
Part Number: J4390-9209
Color: Gray
Part: J4390-9209
Category: Other Power wheel Parts
Product Description 
This is a genuine Power Wheels replacement part used in compatible mustangs. The shifter assembly attaches to the center console and is made of plastic. A screwdriver may be required to replace this item if it becomes broken. This is available as an individual replacement part.
Original Fisher-Price Power Wheels Product, Shifter for Mustang
Contains two 00801-1775 control switches
Not appropriate for Smart Drive Mustang models
A vehicle that has issues shifting between Forward/Reverse or High/Low may have a faulty shifter.
Compatible with the following vehicles:
  • CHP08 Yellow Mustang
  • CLK46 Disney Frozen Ford Mustang
  • H8256 Lightning McQueen
  • J4390 Ford Mustang Red
  • J5244 Blue Thunder
  • J7826 Barbie Trailrider
  • J9561-Mustang-Blue TRU
  • J9562-Mustang-Pearl TRU
  • L6345 Nascar Dale Earnhardt Jr
  • L6349 Barbie Mustang
  • L7821 Nascar Jimmie Johnson
  • L7822 Nascar Jeff Gordon
  • L7823 Nascar Tony Stewart
  • P5920 Boys Mustang Restage
  • P6827 Girls Mustang
  • P8195 Boys Mustang
  • P8195 Boys Mustang Restage
  • P8812 Barbie Mustang
  • R1502 Princess Trailrider
  • R9543 Girls Mustang
  • W9257 Boss Mustang
  • X3417 Lightning McQueen
  • Y8208 Orange Boss Mustang
  • Y8812 Princess Mustang
J4390-9209 is a working replacement for part: 78457-9539, H8256-9239