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Movement - Extra High Torque Short Shaft

Time Only Stepping Sweep Mini Quartz Movement - 21/32" (17mm) Hand Shaft

Features a built-in plastic hanger & includes all mounting hardware. With a brass (not plastic) minute hand clutch gear to insure hands continue to move. When this plastic gear cracks on cheaper models, the hands stop. The minute shaft has a rim at the base of the threads so that the minute hand cannot slip back onto the hour tube causing the hands to stop turning. Has a steel tension leaf spring allowing these units to pull longer, heavier hands. With a counterbalance weight, we pulled 15" long hands in our testing, although this is not formally advertised as a high torque movement. Measures 2-3/16" x 2-3/16" x 5/8".Stepping sweep. 21/32" Hand shaft. 1/4" max dial thickness. Runs on a "AA" battery, not included. Standard I-Shaft hands must be ordered separately.