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KitchenAid Mixer Pin (Center & Beater Shafts)

This original KitchenAid part is a common replacement part on KitchenAid mixers. This Pin is used most commonly in 6 Quart and 5 Quart Plus models, this 5/8" cylindrical steel pin attaches the gear to the shaft. 

In the 5+ and 6 Quart mixers the Replacement Pin, 9707223, is Used on the Center Shaft in between the Worm Follower Gear (9706529) and the Bevel Gear (9703337) and also can be found on the Agitator Shaft with the Pinion Gear (9707627).

In the 4.5 and Older 5 Quart mixers The Replacement Pin, 9707223, is used on the Vertical Center Shaft and is used to keep the Bevel Pinion Center Gear (9709627) in place. 

This part WP9707223 replaces obsolete part numbers: 9707223, 240018-1, 4161950, and 240018-1 and WHIRLPOOL # AP359828.

Will Fit the Following KitchenAid Mixers:

  • K45SS
  • K5SS
  • KL26M
  • KSM75
  • KSM95
  • KSM100
  • KSM120
  • KSM150
  • KSM154
  • KSM450
  • KSM500
  • KSMC50
  • KPM50
  • KV25GOX
  • KP26M1X