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Dune Racer Steering Wheel - Yellow

Steering Wheel Assembly W2602-9419
OEM part for: Power Wheels
Part Number: W2602-9419
Color: Yellow
Category: Steering Wheels
Part Description:
Steering wheel assembly for power wheels, new old Stock.
Genuine Fisher Price Power Wheels Steering Wheel
Please note that unless noted, steering wheels do not come with center button/cover, locking pin or nut.
Approximate Size: 8.75 Inch Wide, 6 Inch Height, 4.5 in Depth, Fits .375 Inch Shaft
All of Our Fisher Price Parts Are Genuine and Come direct from the factory, Never a Knock off. Please make sure it fits your model before purchasing it. If you're unsure, message us and we'll look it up for you.
Compatible with the following vehicles:
  • BCV57 TMNT Dune Racer
  • BCV59 Boys Dune Racer
  • CBC58 Camo Dune Racer
  • CBP84 Camo Dune Racer
  • CDF93 Dune Racer Orange (WM)
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