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Brushtech Lint Catching Brush for Dryer Traps

Increase the efficiency of your dryer, and save on electricity with this genuine Brushtech Lint Trap cleaning brush!

Its easy to get any cleaning job done with the right tool, using this dryer lint trap cleaning brush will not only clean out the lint collected in your dryer trap, preventing fires, but it will extend the life of your dryer and its motor. Over time lint can build up in your dryer trap causing your dryer to work harder, and take longer to dry your clothes, this 30? long bendable dryer brush easily removes lint from your dryer trap, dramatically improving the performance of your dryer.

This brush is made in the USA, and has a strong, sturdy construction. The brush head is a 24 1/2? long narrow brush, the bristles on the brush are stiff, but plastic, this is good for a flexible dryer trap, and will not puncture holes in the sides of the lent trap. The flexible yet strong stem that the brush is on, will follow the bends in the trap and contours to bends in your dryer, and works for lower or upper dryer lint traps and works great even on heavy lint buildup.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduce drying time
  • Reduce consumption of electricity
  • Extend life of dryer and motor, and have less breakdowns
  • Prevent fires
  • 30? in total length
  • Works on over 90% of dryers