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Time for Treats Snow Cone Cups and Spoon Straws

Snow cones help turn up the volume on your party! The flavor and color of snow cones makes them a hit with kids, and the nostalgia makes them a hit with adults.

Serve up your favorite snow cone in a Time for Treats Snow Cone Cup and Spoon Straw. The classic cone shaped cup is the perfect serving size. The spoon straws allow you to either drink the syrup from the bottom of the snow cone or scoop the flavored ice into your mouth.

Add a blast of color and fun to your next party with the Time for Treats Snow Cone Cups and Spoon Straws.
  • PERFECT TREAT ACCESSORIES: For Parties and just any hot summer afternoon
  • SIX-OUNCE CUPS: The ideal size for snow cones
  • SIP EVERY LAST DROP OF FLAVOR: The Spoon Straws make it easy
  • PREMIUM QUALITY CUPS: Don't get soggy before the snow cone is gone
  • EASY CLEAN UP: Everything is disposable
  • Comes with 25, 6 oz. paper cups & 25 spoon straws
  • Straws come in various colors