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Fitz-All Appliance Knobs 2pk

Fitz All 1345 appliance knobs, package of 2 knobs. Designed for all types of appliances that use rotary control knobs. They fit all shafts up to 1/4" diameter, regardless of shaft shape, including round, half-round or "D" shape, square, triangular, slotted, keyway, or other odd shaft shapes Typical uses include replacing knobs on broilers, toasters, air conditioners, slow cookers, TV's, radios, stereos, coffeemakers, fans, heaters, electric skillets, blenders, irons, hot plates, deep fat fryers and many others using rotary control knobs. Heat-resistant bakelite/phenolic. Knobs are easy to grip and feature a white indicator line and pointer, so the appliance's setting can be checked at a glance.