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Victorio Aluminum Steam Canner

Manufacturer #:VKP1054

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Save time, energy, and water with the Victorio Aluminum Steam Canner! 

Easy to use - just add water, place your loaded jars on the rack, cover with the lid, and watch the built-in temperature gauge to know when to start timing. Uses less water, which not only cuts preheating time by up to 50%, but also eliminates heavy lifting, boil-overs and messy clean-ups 

  • Process 7 quart jars at a time.
  • Saves water - uses 80% less water than traditional water bath canning.
  • Saves time and energy - cuts preheating time by 50%
  • Low water requirement eliminates heavy lifting and messy over boiling.
  • Quality aluminum construction cuts preheating time in half
  • USDA-funded research has established that steam canners are safe for preserving acidified or naturally acidic foods when following the proper procedures
  • Using much less water and energy than a water bath canner, the VICTORIO Aluminum Steam Canner is a safe way to can high acid foods (pH 4.6 or lower)
  • The lid’s unique Temperature Indicator eliminates guesswork – just start timing when the needle hits your elevation’s green zone
  • With the VICTORIO Aluminum Steam Canner you can preserve fruits, pickles, jam and other high-acid recipes in a minimum of time!
  • NO GUESSWORK TIMING: Built-In Temperature Indicator with 3 elevation zones makes process timing easy.
  • TIME SAVER: Aluminum construction ensures quick heat-up and cool-down times.
  • RIGHT CAPACITY: Can process up to 7 quart or 8 pint jars of high-acid foods at one time.
  • EASY AND SAFE: Lightweight design, lower water capacity requirement, and cool-touch handles.
  • Will not accommodate half gallon jars.
  • Saves time and energy – cuts preheating time by 50%.
  • Low water requirements eliminates heavy lifting and messy over-boiling.
  • Aluminum canning rack included.