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Aluminum Steam Canner

Home canning is a passion for many. There’s a level of joy one feels when hearing the plink of the lids as they seal on the jars. There’s also the pride beaming from one’s eyes when gifting that jar of jam, applesauce, salsa, or pickles to a loved one.

In addition to being a passion, home canning is food science. Using tested and approved recipes when canning is one part of the safety equation. Using tested and approved canning methods completes that equation.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, funded by a grant from the USDA and the National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP), released their findings on the safety of steam canning. Researchers concluded that steam canners can be as safe and effective as water bath canners when properly used to preserve acidified or naturally acidic foods.

Using the Aluminum Steam Canner is a safe method for canning high acid foods (pH 4.6 or lower). It is also a highly efficient method using considerably less water and energy than water bath canning. Using only two and a half quarts of water to produce the steam, the steam canner comes up to temperature much more quickly than water bath canning.

Our unique temperature indicator in the top of the lid takes the guesswork out of steam canning. Identify your zone based on your elevation. When the temperature indicator hits the green zone for your elevation begin timing for your recipe.

The Aluminum Steam Canner is perfect for the person who wants to can fruits, pickles, jam, and other high acid recipes, but doesn’t want to spend all day doing it!
  • USDA-funded research has established that steam canners are safe for preserving acidified or naturally acidic foods when following the proper procedures
  • Using much less water and energy than a water bath canner, the Aluminum Steam Canner is a safe way to can high acid foods (pH 4.6 or lower)
  • The lid’s unique Temperature Indicator eliminates guesswork – just start timing when the needle hits your elevation’s green zone
  • With the Aluminum Steam Canner you can preserve fruits, pickles, jam and other high-acid recipes in a minimum of time!
  • NO GUESSWORK TIMING: Built-In Temperature Indicator with 3 elevation zones makes process timing easy.
  • TIME SAVER: Aluminum construction ensures quick heat-up and cool-down times.
  • RIGHT CAPACITY: Can process up to 7 quart or 8 pint jars of high-acid foods at one time.
  • EASY AND SAFE: Lightweight design, lower water capacity requirement, and cool-touch handles.
  • Will not accommodate half gallon jars.
  • Saves time and energy – cuts preheating time by 50%.
  • Low water requirements eliminates heavy lifting and messy over-boiling.
  • Aluminum canning rack included.
  • Process 7 quart or 8 pint jars per batch
  • Will not accommodate half gallon jars
  • Saves water - uses 80% less water than traditional water bath canning
  • Saves time and energy - cuts preheating time by 50%
  • Temperature indicator on the lid shows exactly when to start processing time
  • Low water requirement eliminates heavy lifting and messy over boiling
  • Aluminum canning rack included
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Overall Width (Including handles): 16-1/2”
  • Rack Diameter: 11-5/8”
  • Rack Height: 1-1/4”
  • Warranty: 2 years