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Ball Blue Book 37th Edition

The Ball Blue Book of Preserving is essential for every person doing home canning. From the beginner to the expert, this book of preserving has something for you. This 124 page book is illustrated to guide you easily through the food preservation process. The Blue Book covers the techniques necessary for water bath canning, pressure canning, freezing and drying foods. Balls informative preserving book even teaches you when to use each method.

The book of preserving contains a countless number of recipes for preserving fruits, vegetables, jams, jellies, pickles, relishes, meats and seafood. If your still not sold, the book contains a trouble shooting section for easy diagnosis. Would you like to save money? Make your own trail mix, jerkey and condiments. The Ball Blue Book is simple, concise, easy to read and understand. Includes an index and glossary for quick reference. You will love this book. Give the Blue Book as a gift to friends and family.