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Valve Plate Assy

Valve Plate Assy
OEM part for: Bostitch
Part Number: AB-9429999

Product Description
This is a genuine OEM sourced replacement valve kit designed for Bostitch air compressors. The purpose of the valve plate is to allow air into the cylinder. Once the piston starts traveling up the reeds on the valve plate open and the air is sent into the tank. Over time valves and gaskets will become worn and would need to be replaced to keep your equipment running well. To complete this repair you would need a wrench set and a screwdriver to take off the housing and the cylinder head. Keep in mind this high-quality valve plate assembly is made of durable materials and is sold as an individual component.

This part will fit the following 1 machine

CAP60P-OF (Type 0) Air Compressor Power Tool