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Pressure Regulator

OEM part for: Bostitch, Black and Decker
Part Number: 7100640000

Product Description
It is a genuine OEM sourced part which is specially designed for use with Bostitch air compressors. The regulator attaches to the joint and the pressure gauge. During replacement, it may require a wrench set to help install this item correctly. It is made out of metal and plastic and will need to be replaced if it breaks. This is available as an individual replacement part.

This item works with the following types of products:
Compressor Parts

This part will fit the following 13 machines

CAP2560OL Air Compressor
CWC200ST Air Compressor
H11955FB2 (Type 1) Compressor
H11965FB2 (Type 1) Compressor
CAP2560OL (Type 0) Air Compressor Power Tool
CWC200ST (Type 0) Air Compressor Power Tool

Black and Decker
H11965FB2 (Type 1) Scru-Drill Power Tool
H11955FB2 (Type 1) Compressor Power Tool
H11957FAR (Type 3) Compressor Power Tool
H11957FAR (Type 4) Compressor Power Tool
H11967FAR (Type 3) Compressor Power Tool
H11967FAR (Type 4) Compressor Power Tool
H11967FB2C (Type 3) Compressor Power Tool