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O-Ring Kit

Bostitch N89ORK O-Ring Kit
For: F21, F28, F33 and N89C Tools
About This Item
Contains all o-rings necessary to rebuild the F21, F8, F33, N89C tools. Does not include trigger valve or trigger valve o-rings
Performance kits contain all the necessary parts to return your Bostitch tool to like-new performance
All air tool repair kits enable the users to recondition these tools at minimum cost and with little down-time
Simple instructions show how o-rings, seals and bumpers can be replaced, making a tool in otherwise good condition like new
Special lubricant is provided with every o-ring kit
Product Description
This is sold as a kit that Includes all of the o-rings. The o-rings attach to various other parts and are made of rubber. They are original parts from Bostitch for use in nailers. An allen wrench may be needed during the replacement of these items. These parts may become broken and will need to be replaced.
This part will fit the following 12 machines
  • N89C-1P Type 0 Heavy Duty Pallet, Fence Nailer
  • N89C (140020000) Framing Nailer
  • N89C-1 (Type 0) Coil Framing Nailr
  • N89C-1 (Type 140020000 and higher) Coil Framing Nailr
  • F21PL (140020000 and Higher) Nailer Power Tool
  • F21PL (Type 0) Nailer Power Tool
  • F28WW (140020000 and Higher) Nailer Power Tool
  • F28WW (Type 0) Nailer Power Tool
  • F33PT (140020000 and Higher) Nailer Power Tool
  • F33PT (Type 0) Nailer Power Tool
  • N89C (140020000 and higher) Framing Nailer Power Tool
  • N89C (Type 0) Framing Nailer Power Tool
This item works with the following types of products:
Nailer Parts