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Shoe Assy

The Shoe Assembly helps guide the blade where you want to cut. It is adjustable by pulling down on the 31-52-0090 Shoe Release Lever, for use of longer or shorter blades. The foot pivots for cutting angles. The saw should not be used without this part or it could damage the saw. Part is easily removed and installed with the lever release.

0719-20 (SER A56B) Sawzall
6538-21 (SER B36A) 1-1/4" Stroke Sawzall
6519-22 (SER A18A) Sawzall
6519-22 (SER A18B) Sawzall
6519-22 (SER A18C) Sawzall
6519-22 (SER A18D) Sawzall
6520-21 (SER B02A) 1-1/8" Stroke Sawzall
6520-21 (SER B02B) 1-1/8" Stroke Sawzall
6523-21 (SER A65A) Sawzall
6523-21 (SER A65B) Sawzall
6523-21 (SER A65C) Sawzall
6523-21 (SER A65D) Sawzall
6536-21 (SER A66A) 1-1/4" Stroke Sawzall
6536-21 (SER A66B) 1-1/4" Stroke Sawzall
6536-21 (SER A66C) 1-1/4" Stroke Sawzall
6536-21 (SER A66D) 1-1/4" Stroke Sawzall
0719-20 (SER A56A) V28 Sawzall Reciprocating Saw
6515-20 (SER 971D) 18 Volt Sawzall Recip Saw
6520-21 (SER B02C) 12 Amp Orbital Sawzall Recip Saw
0819-50 (SER B09A) Cordless Sawzall
6515-50 (SER 971D) Cordless Sawzall
0719-22 (SER A56B) Cordless Sawzall
6536-21 (A66E) 1-1/4" Stroke Sawzall