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Pressure Switch 160/200 PSI

Pressure Switch
OEM part for: DeWALT, Bostitch
Part Number: AB-9063158

Product Description
This is a Genuine Ridgid replacement part designed to work with specific Air Compressors. The pressure switch tells your compressor when to stop and when to start. There are multiple reasons a Pressure Switch could be leaking air. If it is leaking air the Pressure Switch should be replaced for a compressor to operate properly and safely.

This item works with the following types of products:
Compressor Parts

This part replaces obsolete part #: A21107

This part will fit the following 14 machines

D55168 Type 2 200PSI, 15Gal., 120V Electric Compressor
D55167 Type 2 200PSI, 15Gal., 120V Electric Compressor
D55146 Type 2 4.5 gallon, 200 PSI Hand Carry Compressor
D55146 Type 3 Compressor
D55167 Type 3 Electric Compressor
D55168 Type 3 Electric Compressor
D55149 Type 4 Compressor
D55168 Type 4 1.8HP 15G Compressor
D55146 Type 4 Compressor
D55146 (Type 5) Compressor Power Tool
D55167 (Type 4) Workshop Compressor Power Tool
D55167 (Type 5) Workshop Compressor Power Tool

CAP1615-OF (Type 0) C 15G Vp Ehp Of 200Psi B
CAP1645-OF (Type 1) C 4.5G Jb Ehp Of 200Psi B