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Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat

Manufacturer #:WR50X55

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or call: 801-225-8012
General Electric Refrigerator defrost thermostat L55 comes with two brackets & wire connectors.

Part Number WR50X55 replaces SWR50X35, SWR50X55, WR50X0055, WR50X102, WR50X103, WR50X117, WR50X28, WR50X30, WR50X31, WR50X32, WR50X34, WR50X35, WR50X37, WR50X5015, WR50X5022, WR50X5034, WR50X73, WR50X74, WR50X75, WR50X90, WR50X92