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GE SmartWater Refrigerator Water Filter

Manufacturer #:MWFP

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GE SmartWater Refrigerator Filter Replacemnet Cartridge. Healthy, better tasting water for drinking and making beverages as well as clean, clearer healthy ice. Great tasting water and ice anytime!

Protect your family from waterbourne contaminant's, such as cryptosporidium and giardia(cysts), lead, atrazine, lindane and 2, 4-D.

Features easy installation and operation, and Superior Carbon Block Technology.

For use in any GE Refrigerator Water Filtration System.
Sold individually.

Operating Specifications:
  • Reduces: Lead, Cysts, Asbestos, Atrazine, Lindane, Taste & Odor, Chlorine, Sediment, Turbidity.
  • Reduces Particulates (Class I) by 0.5 to 1 Micron
  • Pressure Range, 40-120 PSI
  • Temperature Range, 33-100°F
  • Rated Service Flow, 0.5 GPM at 60 PSI

Part Number MWFP replaces FXRC, FXRT, GWF, GWF01, GWF06, GWFA, GWFS, HWF, HXRT, MWF, MWFPA, WF, WR02X11020, WR02X11287, WR02X11290, WR2M3552, WR97X10006, WR97X10018