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Frigidaire PureSource Plus Ice & Water Filtration System

Manufacturer #:WFCB

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Frigidaire Enhanced PureSourcePlus Ice & Water Filtration System RC200.

Improves taste and odor.
Reduces lead, chlorine, cysts and particulates.
Fits all PureSourcePlus refrigerator models manufactured by Frigidaire Home Products prior to April 2001.
Sold individually.


Operating Specifications:

  • Maximum operating temperature, 100°F
  • Minimum operating temperature, 33°F
  • Max/Min working pressure, 125 PSIG/30 PSIG
  • Rated capacity, 6 months or 200 gallons, whichever comes first
  • Reduces Cysts by 99.99%
  • Reduces Particulates (Class I) by 99.80%
  • Reduces Turbidity by 99.70%
  • Reduces Lead by 99.30%
  • Reduces Chlorine (Class I) by 97.80%
  • Reduces 2, 4-D, a Common Herbicide, by 94.2% and Atrazine by 94.9%
  • Reduces Toxaphene, a Common Pesticide, by 87.5%