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GE Surface Element 8"

Genuine GE/Hotpoint plug in style 8" surface element.  This eight inch surface burner will work with GE, Hotpoint and RCA cooktops and range/ovens. GE elements are very unique and are made with a special hook built into the supports that lock it into the drip bowl so it stays secure in place.  

This 8" surface element can be tested for continuity to see if it is bad or good, if you need you can bring the element to us for us to test it for you, for free, while you wait.  

Part Number WB30M2 replaces  340524,  WB30K5027,  WB30M0002,  WB30X5072,  WB30X5120,  WB30X5122,  WB30X5130
For 6" GE/Hotpoint plug in surface element use part number WB30M1.