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GE Surface Element 6"

This is a GE (General Electric) WB30M1 Plug-In Calrod 6" Burner Element, also referred to as WB30M1, WB-30M1, WB30-M1, WB30M, WB30 surface element, surface burner or heating element. The OEM Surface Element replaces All 6" GE Branded Plug-In Electric Surface Units.


  • Genuine GE electric range 6" surface element WB30M1
  • Plug-in style
  • 208/240 volt
  • 1000/1325 watt
  • Actual size: 5-1/2 Dia.
  • 5 Turn Element

Will Replace: WB30M0001, WB30X5071, WB30X5109, WB30X5119, WB30X5121, WB30X5129, WB30M0001, 5W16-213