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KitchenAid Burnished Flat Beater - 4.5 Qt

Genuine KitchenAid Mixer 4.5 Quart Burnished Flat Beater 9709961. This flat beater is the ideal accessory for mixing normal to heavy batters; from cake mixes to firm cookie dough, the flat beater will mix quickly and thoroughly. 

This burnished attachement fits 4-1/2-quart KitchenAid stand mixers. The burnished flat beater is equivillent to the KitchenAid Mixer Coated Flat beater 9708470 

This Original KitchenAid Stand Mixer 4.5 Quart Burnished Flat Beater will fit the following models:

  • BEA30
  • KA15
  • 3K45
  • 4K45
  • 5k45
  • 7K45
  • K45
  • K45SS
  • KSM45
  • KSM75
  • 4KSM90
  • 8KSM90
  • KSM90
  • KSM95
  • KSM100
  • KSM111
  • KSM103
  • KSM110
  • KSM120
All the KitchenAid parts we sell are Brand New Genuine KitchenAid Parts, ordered directly from Whirlpool! The Burnished flat beater should be hand washed ONLY and dried quickly to avoid discoloration. 

Replaces or can be Used instead of the Following parts:
  • K45B
  • 9708470
  • 4162163
This New KitchendAid Burnished Flat Beater will fit ALL KitchenAid 4.5 Quart mixers, and is approximetely 5 1/4 inches accross and 6 inches in length.