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5 & 6 QT Planetary - Cobalt Blue "BU" - 9708182

Manufacturer #:9708182

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or call: 801-225-8012
This Genuine KitchenAid replacement Planetary Assembly is a common replacement part on the Professional 5 and 6 quart KitchenAid Mixers. The planetary assembly is the portion of your mixer where your beaters hook on, and the center shaft that runs into the internal gearing inside your mixer.

The most common reason to replace the planetary is when the center shaft and planetary separate, these two pieces are pressed together, the only way to fix the separation between the two parts is to replace the whole planetary assembly.

This is an Cobalt Blue Planetary Assembly. Will work with models that end in "BU" which stands for Cobalt Blue. The 9708182 Planetary will replace obsolete parts 9706338 and 9705386. 

The planetary Assembly will include:
  • Center Shaft and Colored part included, not available separate from planetary assembly
  • Fiber Washer-9703434
  • Retaining Clip-9703438
  • Pinion Gear-9707627
  • Retaining Pin-9707223
  • Washer-9706090
  • Agitator Shaft Assembly-9708191 (Includes Retaining Clip-9703680 and Grove Pin-9704677)

This replacement Planetary Assembly, 9708182 is used with the following models:
  • KV25G0XBU4 Professional 5 Qt. Stand Mixer
  • KV25G0XBU5 Professional 5 Qt. Stand Mixer
  • KB26G1X (Series 3) 6 QT. Stand Mixer
  • KB26G1X (Series 5) 6 QT. Stand Mixer
  • KD2661 6 QT. Stand Mixer
  • KT2651 6 QT. Stand Mixer
  • KP2671 6 QT. Stand Mixer
  • KV25G0XQ (Series) Professional 5 Qt. Stand Mixer
  • KD2661X 6 Qt. Stand Mixer
  • KT2651X 6 Qt. Stand Mixer
  • KP2671X 6 Qt. Stand Mixer
  • KP2671-3 6 QT. Stand Mixer
  • KT2651?3 6 QT. Stand Mixer
  • KB26G1XBU3 (Cobalt Blue) 6 Qt. Stand Mixer
  • KB26G1XBU5 (Cobalt Blue) 6 Qt. Stand Mixer
  • KT2651XBU 6 Qt. Stand Mixer
  • KV25MEXBU5 (Cobalt_Blue) 5 And 5.5 Qt. Stand Mixer