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KitchenAid Mixer End Seal

This Genuine KitchenAid Mixer End cover Gasket fits many 4.5 and 5 Quart KitchenAid mixer models

This is the gasket or seat that goes at the very end of your mixer, it goes around the speed control plate area. The End Cover Gasket is pressed between the upper motor housing and end cover to create a tight seal.

The gasket is approximately 4 ¬? in diameter with a tab on the bottom. The WP240775-1 end seal will replace part numbers 240775-1, 4162351 and 3184356 end cap gaskets

Will Fit the Following Models:

  • KSM5, KSM50P
  • KSM75WH1
  • KSM95WH0, KSM95PWH0
  • KSM100PSWW0, KSM100PSWH0
  • KSM120WH0
  • KSM150PSWH0, 4KSM150PSWH0
  • KSM500PSWH0, KSM500WH0
  • K45SSWH, K45WSSWH0
  • KSMC50S
  • 5K5SSWH, K5SS
  • KP50P
  • KPM5, KPM50