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KitchenAid Burnished Dough Hook - 5 Qt Bowl-Lift - K5BDH

Manufacturer #:K5BDH

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This KitchenAid burnished dough hook fits the following 5 quart KitchenAid stand mixer models: K5K5AK5SSKSM5KSM50PKP50KG25G and KG25H. The hook is specially designed to mix and knead yeast dough quickly and efficiently. Ideal for making breads and even pie crust, this dough hook easily attaches to your mixer and includes a one year manufacturers? warranty. This is an original KitchenAid replacement dough hook.

  • Mixes and Kneads dough quickly
  • Made of durable, burnished aluminum
  • Replaces old part number #3183588
  • Includes 1-year warranty

Please note: If you are uncertain that this is the correct dough hook for your mixer, visit our Dough Hook Reference Table.This hook is NOT dishwasher safe. Discoloration will occur.