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Digital Radio Roast Thermometer

Cook and roast with precision!

Enjoy the ease and independence that cooking or roasting with the digital radio roast thermometer brings. You will constantly receive updates on the temperature that will be displayed on the mobile device by radio. As soon as the meat is cooked as well as you want it, a signal will sound. Using the roast theremoeter you can access pre-programmed cooking times for different meats. The integrated timer serves as a tool for the precise preparation of other dishes.

- Measures temperature during food preparation
- Timer: up to 99 min. 59 Sec.
- Alarm when a certain temperature is reached (temperature can be set)
- Stainless steel probe with 39” heat resistant cable
- 2-part sender and receiver
- Radio range between sender and receiver: 66 feet (range depends on the space and surroundings)
- Temperature display can be set to C and F
- Can be used with different kinds of meat (beef, pork. lamb, chicken...)
- Choose how well the meat should be cooked (bloody, medium, well done...)
- Battery included