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Nesco GardenMaster Dehydrator

Manufacturer #:FD-1010

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The Nesco Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator is the top of the line dehydrator and is expandable up to 30 trays (4 included) allowing you to dehydrate massive quantities of food at once. The pressure automatically adjusts depending on the number of trays attached. 

This dehydrator features a 1000 watt fan that dries large amounts of food very quickly. Its patented Converga-Flow technology circulates heated air horizontally over each tray, ensuring that there is no flavor mixing and no need to rotate the trays. The 2400 RPM-motor is powerful and quiet, drying your foods up to 4 times faster than dehydrators that use no fan or motor- It dries in hours, not days like other dehydrators. 

The adjustable thermostat on this dehydrator allows you to vary the temperature depending on what you are drying, giving you the best results every time. Another great feature is its Vita-Save exterior which blocks light while dehydrating, allowing your foods to retain more of their nutrients. 

Drying your meats, vegetables and fruit at home is a nutritious alternative to purchasing expensive store-bought snacks that are full of preservatives. This dehydrator is all you need to start making healthy and tasty snacks right at home. Make dried vegetable and banana chips and homemade beef jerky. This dehydrator is perfect for drying a variety of fruits such as apples, berries, pineapples, peaches and many others. Dried fruits are great when added to baked items as well as cereal. 

Included with this dehydrator are some useful Gardenmaster accessories. The no-spill fruit roll sheet is ideal for drying semi-liquids such as sauces and soups and fruit purees for fruit rolls. The clean-a-screen dries small items such as herbs, spices and potpourri without the messy cleanup. Also included with this product is a jerky spice and cure packet to get started in making your own delicious homemade jerky.
  • Top of the line dehydrator dries quickly and evenly
  • Adjustable thermostat allows varying drying temperatures
  • Vita-Save exterior helps foods retain nutrients
  • 4 trays (TR-2)
  • Includes fruit roll sheet, clean-a-screen, a packet of jerky spice and cure, and a 52 page instruction book with recipes