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Presto Stuffler Stuffed Waffle Maker

Stufflerstuffed waffle maker

Cooks Belgian-style waffles with your family's favorite toppings baked inside. 

Great Family Fun!
The easy way to make stuffed waffles using pancake, waffle, cake, and muffin mixes for batter. Or make your own from scratch. Then stuff with sweet and savory foods including fruits, pie fillings,  candy, cheese, meats and more.

Great for Keto Diets! Make no or low-carb batters and stuff with eggs, chicken, cheese, burgers, cream cheese, and veggies.

Just pour in batter, add stuffing ingredients, fill with more batter, close the cover, and cook.

Flips 180° to evenly spread batter for waffles that are crispy outside and fluffy, tender inside.

Waffle tongs make it easy to remove. Just lift, serve, and enjoy.

Simply use pancake, waffle, cake, or muffin mixes for batter.

Enjoy quick meal recipes for Pizza, Chicken, Reuben, Spinach Artichoke, Mediterranean, Corn Fritter, and Breakfast waffles. For a sweet treat, stuff with candy bar slices or make S’mores, Banana Pecan, and Turtle Cheesecake with chocolate cake mix.

Nonstick interior for easy cleaning.

Cord stores in base and waffle maker locks in a vertical position for compact storage.

One year limited warranty.

120 Volts AC, 900 Watts.