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RealFruit Pectin - Instant - Flex Batch

Prepare in less than 30 minutes; no cooking required!!! Homemade, no-cook jam has never tasted better. Ball® RealFruit™ Instant Flex Batch Pectin is the perfect way to make delicious, homemade jam in under 30 minutes. Recipe & batch size are customizable using the simple instructions on the side of the bottle. Based on the amount of produce you have on hand, you can make from 1 to 10 jars of jam at a time. Splenda® No Calorie Sweetener Granular can be used in place of sugar for lower calorie jams. Jelly recipes included. 

This new bulk bottle package is for multiple uses. It replaces 3-4 boxes of pectin - a great value! Scalable recipe - make from 1-10 jars of jam per batch, up to 15 jars per bottle.