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Food Strainer Berry Screen

Stainless steel berry screen designed exclusively for your Model 250 Food Strainer!

Process berries easily and quickly with your Model 250 Food strainer! The berry screen has a fine mesh that is great for processing most types of berries or fruits that contain small seeds. The fine mesh of this screen is ideal for removing small seeds. It is recommended for straining blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, as well as food such as cottage cheese, tomatoes and cooked cranberries. Use the berry screen for making jams, jellies, pie fillings & dessert toppings.

Holes in the berry screen are 0.044-inch wide, approximately 1-mm (holes on standard tomato screen are 0.057-inch wide).

All Model 250 Food Strainer screens are Stainless Steel and come with a 1-year warranty.


  • Extra Fine Screen
  • Makes James, Jellies and more!
  • Perfect for removing small fruit seeds
  • Entirely Stainless Steel, Includes screen gasket
  • Fits the VKP250, Back to Basics 220, Villaware 200, and Roma 200
Also available as part of the Food Strainer Sauce Maker Accessory 4 Pack.

PLEASE NOTE: If the berries or fruits you are processing have seeds that are smaller than the holes in the screen you will end up with seeds in the finished product.

Product Dimensions: length: 5 1/2"; small diameter: 2"; large diameter: 3 1/4"; hole size: less than 1/16". 
Will only work with screens that twist onto the body and are held in place with one set screw. 

This Berry Screen replaces the following items:
  • Berry Screen 220-20 that fits the Back to Basics 220 Food strainer
  • Berry Screen 200-20 that fits the Villaware Food Strainer Model 200
  • Berry Screen 07-0855 that fits the Roma Food Strainer Model 200

Screen Sizes and spirals

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