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Food Strainer Screen Gasket

Genuine VKP Food Strainer replacement Strainer Gasket, VKP250-10. This will fit the Victorio 250 food strainer, and most newer food strainers, where the screen connects to the body by twisting it & tightening a set screw. The screen gasket goes around the lip of the screen, and will seal the screen to the body preventing the sauce/puree from leaking. Gasket size: 3 1/4 inches diameter

The food strainer strainer gasket/screen gasket can work as a replacement on the Back to Basics 220, Norpro Sauce Master 2 1991, Roma Strainer 200, Victorio Kitchen Products 250 & Villware 200 food strainers.

The 1951-14 screen washer will NOT work with the Back to Basics 200, Norpro 1951, Universal 800, Victorio 200/210 or Villaware 300 models where the screen connects with two wingnuts.

If you are not sure this part will fit your food strainer please contact customer service.

Can work in place of:

  • Back to Basics 220 Screen Gasket, part number 220-16
  • Villware 200 Screen Gasket (Flat), part number 200-12
  • Roma 200 Washer, part number 07-0824
  • Norpro 1991 Screen Gasket (Flat), part number 1991