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Food Strainer Hopper

The neck of this hopper is 2 3/8 inches in diameter. It will fit into any food strainer body that is just a little bit larger. It is a sturdy one piece design and will replace many 2 piece strainer hoppers. The hopper has a steeply tapered cone portion that allows food to slide right down into the spiral of the strainer. Flat bottomed hoppers create more work, requiring you to move the food from the outer edges and pushing it into the hole. Since it is a one piece unit there are no extra parts or adaptors to get lost. The large top portion of the hopper is 8 3/4 inches in diameter and 2 3/4 inches deep, then it tapers down to the neck. This extra large volume holds more food to process through your strainer.

This Hopper replaces the following items:

  • Hopper 220-9 that fits the Back to Basics Food Strainer Model 220
  • Hopper 200-16 that fits the Victorio by Vitantonio Food Strainer Model 200
  • Hopper 1951-2 that fits the Norpro Saucemaster Model 1951.
  • Hopper 200-07 that fits the Villaware Food Strainer Model 200
  • Hopper 07-0834 that fits the Roma Food Strainer Model 200
  • Hopper 800-7 that fits the Universal Food Strainer Model 800