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Norpro Sauce Master Handle

Genuine Norpro Sauce Master replacement Strainer Handle, 1951-5. This will fit the Norpro 1951 food strainer, and most older food strainers, where the screen connects with two wing-nuts. The Norpro Crank Handle fits over shaft 1951-6 inside the food strainer body, and is secured with the handle wingnut 1951-4. Product dimensions: 6" x 3 3/4"

The food strainer Handle can work as a replacement on the Back to Basics 200, Norpro 1951, Universal 800, Victorio 200/210* & Villaware 300 food strainers. 

The 1951-5 Handle will NOT work with the Back to Basics 220, Norpro 1991, Roma 200, Victorio 250 or Villaware 200 models where the screen connects with a set screw.

Can work in place of:

  • Villaware 300 Handle, part number 300-3
  • Victorio 200/210 Handle, part number 2004 or 200-5A
  • Universal 800 Handle, part number 800-3