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Nesco SnackMaster Dehydrator Clean-A-Screen (2-Pack) - LM-2

Manufacturer #:LM-2

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These screens can be inserted into the trays of Nesco American Harvest's food dehydrators to prevent foods such as sugary fruits from sticking during the drying process. The fine-mesh screens are flexible, so they can be curled and foods simply peeled off. The screens are also useful for preventing small items such as herbs and spices from falling through the dehydrators' trays. As a bonus, they're dishwasher-safe. 

  • Set of 2 plastic, fine-mesh screens to prevent foods from sticking
  • Flexible screens can be curled to peel off foods
  • Use also for small foods like herbs and spices
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Fits the Nesco/American Harvest Snackmaster dehydrator models. All models shown at right use these screens.