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Quad Front Axle

Front Axle P5066-4519
OEM part for: Power Wheels
Part Number: P5066-4519
Category: Axles
Part Description:
Front axle for KFX Power Wheels Models
New, old stock.
This product fits on all of the vehicles listed below
  • CDD22 DC Super Friends Kawasaki Batman ATV
  • FCD21 Paw Patrol KFX
  • P5066 Barbie KFX
  • P8013 Barbie KFX
  • P9723 Red KFX
  • R3142 Red KFX
  • T4872 Target Red KFX
  • W4715 Barbie KFX
  • W4716 Hot Wheels KFX
  • W5540 KFX
  • W6211 Hot Wheels KFX
  • W6213 Kawasaki KFX
  • X3416 Kawasaki KFX
  • X6641 Kawasaki KFX
  • X6651 Barbie KFX
  • Y8637 Barbie KFX