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Escalade Steering Linkage

Steering Linkage H0440-9429
OEM part for: Power Wheels
Part Number: H0440-9429
Product Description 
This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer. The steering linkage is commonly found in Power Wheels powered driving toys. This part is made of metal and high-quality plastic, and is used to connect the front wheels with the steering column. This item is available as an individual replacement part.
Compatible with the following vehicles:
  • CDD12 New Escalade
  • CDD13 Barbie Escalade Dance Party
  • DPP93 New Escalade
  • DPP94 Barbie Escalade Dance Party
  • FGF73 Barbie Escalade Dance Party v2
  • H0438 Cadillac Escalade
  • H0440 Escalade
  • J5246 Barbie Cadillac Escalade
  • L7824 Cadillac Escalade Refresh
  • M0409 Cadillac Escalade Barbie Refresh
  • M0410 Cadillac Escalade TRU Refresh
  • M9780 Escalade Hybrid
  • N1475 Barbie Escalade
  • N8417 Escalade
  • N9522 Escalade
  • W6203 Barbie Escalade
  • W6205 Barbie Escalade
  • W9417 Cadillac Escalade-Boys
  • X3419 Purple Escalade