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Corvette Label Sheet Barbie

Genuine Fisher-Price Power Wheels Decal sheet for Barbie Corvette ride-on Toys.

Replacing the label sheet on your Power Wheels toy is a great and easy way to freshen it up and make it look new.

This Power Wheels Barbie Corvette sticker sheet was designed for model: BFY96 but could* also work on any of the Power Wheels Corvette vehicles, including models:

76176 Corvette Super
76182 Barbie Corvette
76184 Barbie Corvette
BFY96 Barbie Corvette
BGW46 Black Corvette
BGW47 Deluxe Black Corvette
CBJ09 Yellow Corvette
CBK90 Black Corvette
DPK45 Power Wheels Corvette
FCD22 Power Wheels Corvette Girls
X6218 Red Corvette
X6639 Blue Corvette

*Please note that you may have to modify some stickers fit your exact Power Wheels Corvette (especially older models)