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Mustang Left Wheel

Power Wheels Left Wheel for Mustang Models

OEM Part For: Power Wheels
MPN: J4390-2279
Color: Black
Category: Wheels
Genuine Power Wheels Replacement Part
1 Left tire for all Power Wheels Mustangs and Campers. Can only be used for the Left side of most all Ford Mustang and Barbie Dream Camper electric vehicles. Each tire: 12" Diameter x 6" Wide
Black Wheel, sold individually, for select Power Wheel Models listed below.
New, never been installed or used before.
  • CDD08 Smart Drive Ford Mustang Blue v4
  • CDD09 Smart Drive Ford Mustang Pink v2
  • CHP08 Yellow Mustang
  • CLK46 Disney Frozen Ford Mustang
  • DYK80 Smart Drive Frozen Mustang v2
  • FRC29 Barbie Dream Camper v12
  • GMF65 Barbie Dream Camper v9
  • HCK91 Barbie Dream Camper v3
  • J4390 Ford Mustang Red
  • J9561-Mustang-Blue TRU
  • J9562-Mustang-Pearl TRU
  • L6349 Barbie Mustang
  • P5920 Boys Mustang Restage
  • P6827 Girls Mustang
  • P8195 Boys Mustang
  • P8195 Boys Mustang Restage
  • P8812 Barbie Mustang
  • R9543 Girls Mustang
  • W9257 Boss Mustang
  • Y8208 Orange Boss Mustang
  • Y8812 Princess Mustang