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Jeep Steering Column

Steering Column H4803-4409
OEM part for: Power Wheels
Part Number: H4803-4409
Product Description 
This is a genuine component which is supplied directly from the original equipment manufacturer for use with Power Wheels equipment. It is an identical replacement for a missing or a damaged steering column that was installed on a new unit. The part is connected to the steering link, please make sure to refer to the appropriate diagrams of your model for the correct location and application of this hardware. Keep in mind this high-quality column is made of durable metal and is sold individually.
Compatible with the following vehicles:
  • BBF03 Hot Wheels Jeep
  • BBF04 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • BBM95 Minnie Mouse 2 Seat Jeep
  • CBJ37 Hot Wheels Jeep DTC
  • CBJ38 Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler DTC
  • CBY70 Tough Talkin Jeep DTC
  • H4803 Jeep Wranger
  • H4805 Jeep Wrangler
  • H4807 Jeep Wrangler (revised)
  • K4563-Dora Jeep Wrangler-TRU
  • K9758-Diego Jeep Wrangler
  • T6138 Tough Talking Jeep
  • T7298 Tough Talking Jeep
  • T8396 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • V2503 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • W1652 Barbie Jammin Jeep with Bonus Barbie
  • W1866 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • W4473 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • W9418 Hot Wheels Jeep
  • X3418 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • X6642 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • X6833 Hot Wheels Jeep Walmart
  • X6834 Barbie Jammin Jeep
  • Y8409 Barbie Jammin Jeep (WM)
  • Y8638 Hot Wheels Jeep