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Front Axle Cap .437

Front Axle Cap .?437 00801-1621

OEM part for: Power Wheels
Part Number: 00801-1621
Size: .437
Color: Black
Product Description 
This genuine OEM sourced part is specially designed for use with Power Wheels units. The cap attaches to the front axle to protect it from dust and other debris. It is an identical replacement for a missing or a damaged component that was installed on a new unit. Refer to the diagrams for your model to ensure the correct repair procedure. Keep in mind this high-quality front axle cap is sold as an individual item.
This part will fit the following 20 machines
Power Wheels
  • J4394 Jeep Hurricane
  • J4395 Jeep Hurricane
  • M7873 A.T. Rex
  • N0457 A.T. Rex
  • N2273 Monster Traction Jeep Hurricane
  • P5066 Barbie KFX Ninja
  • P9723 KFX Red Ninja
  • T4872 KFX Red Ninja
  • R1502 Princess Trail Rider
  • T3264 Jeep Hurricane
  • K7112 (Green) Jeep Hurricane
  • K9776 (CAN) Jeep Hurricane
  • R3142 KFX Red Ninja, 12 Volt
  • W4716 Hot Wheels KFX
  • Y6239 Jeep Hurricane
  • W2602 Dune Racer
  • W4715 Barbie KFX
  • X6641 Kawasaki KFX
  • X6645 Jeep Hurricane - Advanced Series
  • BCV59 Boys Dune Racer