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Children's Ride On Toy Repair

As an Authorized Service Center for Power Wheels, Razor & Dynacraft, there's nothing we can't do for any motorized vehicle under that name. We have skilled and experienced technicians  to get your toy up and running.

What do we repair? We will repair any Power Wheels vehicle, Razor Scooter or Product and Dynacraft electric kids toy given the availability of parts.

How much will this cost? Warranty work will cost you nothing. Any repair outside of the warranty will generally be $50-80. Please note that this price is NOT final. Only an estimate.

Is there a guarantee? All of our repair work comes with a 90 day warranty.

Warranty Repair All Power Wheels vehicles come with a one-year Manufacturer Warranty. As a service center for Power Wheels, we do the repairs locally. You will need a date of purchase or the original receipt if warranty repair is needed. Razor Products come with a 90 day warranty, and we will need a copy of the receipt for ALL warranty repairs.  Our 90 day warranty covers parts and labor for anything involved in the initial repair ONLY.

Recall Information In 1998, Mattel's Fisher-Price Power Wheels division issued a recall of all their 12-volt Power Wheels vehicles because of a weak battery connector (white) that could malfunction on rare occasion. The recall upgrade work must be performed by an authorized Power Wheels service center where the vehicle's electrical system is inspected and necessary recall work is performed. Although the recall was instigated several years ago, there are many operating Power Wheels vehicles that still require the recall.

To determine whether your Power Wheels vehicle requires recall work, Mattel has provided an online recall information form that will give you further recall information tailored to your particular vehicle.