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Personal Care Repair

We are one of only 4 service centers in the US for Braun Shavers and Oral B toothbrushes.  We offer repairs if your product is under warranty, and also free quotes for your out of warranty repairs as well.

If your Oral B or Braun product needs to be repaired please use one of the links below to send in your repair (if you are local you are welcome to drop your device off during business hours)

For Braun Shavers use this link to check in your device:  Braun Repair Portal - Check in Device

For Oral B Toothbrushes use this link to check in your device:  Oral B Repair Portal - Check in Device

As for repairs on other personal items we have a small selection of heads for Remington and Norelco shavers while supply lasts.  Neither of these companies offer internal parts so beyond new heads there is nothing that can be done for them.

In the past we have worked on a number of items, such as Waterpik flossers, Norelco, Remington and Wahl shavers, Hair clippers and more, HOWEVER, none of these items have any internal parts available, and without parts we are unable to repair these items.  If your item is under warranty reach out directly to the manufacture, however if it is outside of warranty these items are now considered disposable, and when they break you have no option other than to throw it out and buy a new one.  We highly recommend the Braun & Oral B brands for this reason, they are the only current personal care brand that still offers parts and repair service, even if the item is out of warranty.