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Clocks & Lamps Repair

Our sweet and cherished Clock tech, Ronald, retired after 50 years of fixing clocks, We have no plans to replace him, as no one could ever take his place.  With this being said we no longer fix any mechanical clocks, this would include Grandfather Clocks, Mantle Clocks, Cuckoo Clocks, Anniversary Clocks, or any other clock that requires you to wind a movement or pull up weights.  

We do however still fix the occasional BATTERY OPERATED clock.  This type of clock just has a movement in the back where you replace a battery.  The minimum repair on this type of clock is $40+parts & tax.  If it is a very nice clock or special to you this is worth doing, however not every clock is worth fixing please know that our repair quote will be $40 or higher before coming in for a more exact price quote. 

As for lamps, its similar to battery operated clocks.  Yes we still fix them, but not every lamp is worth fixing.  The minimum repair fee on any type of lamp with any problem is also $40+parts & tax. If it is a very nice lamp or special to you and worth a minimum of $40 please feel free to bring it in for a more exact repair quote, however if it is not worth at least $40 please don't bring it in.

We do offer parts if you would like to tackle your own repair, we have a large variety of battery operated clock movements & hands, please bring your old movement (removed from your clock) and the hands with you and we will help you find the correct replacement.  As for lamps we have everything from harps, to sockets, cord switches, replacement cords and more, if you want to tackle the repair yourself please bring the old part off of the lamp that you need so we can match it up, there are at least 30+ different types of sockets that we carry and we will 100% need to see the old one off of your light fixture in order to match it up for you.