Corvette Decal Sheet

Corvette Decal Sheet

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Make your vehicle look like new again!

This is the replacement Decal / Sticker sheet for the Corvette made by Power wheels. This sheet includes all of the stickers for this vehicle, and is a great way to spruce up your old Corvette! Easily replace faded or missing stickers with this replacement decal sheet.

This will fit the 12 Volt single-Seater Corvettes, and will directly replace the stickers on a X6218 Corvette but would also fit for all of the Corvettes made by Power Wheels including the old Super 6 volt Corvettes made in the 1990's. Including Models: 73236, 85360, 76176, 85300, 76182, 85350, 76184, 85355, BFY96, BGW46, BGW47, CBK90, CBJ09, X6218 and X6639.

This sticker set includes the Corvette Emblem stickers, the tail light stickers and much more! The X6218-0310 decal sheet can be used as a replacement for the X6639-0310, BGW46-0310A, BFY96-0310, 80017-0147 and 80017-0106.