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Washer Magic - Washer Cleaner & Deodorizer

Washer Magic - Washer Cleaner & Deodorizer

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  • The "Original" Washing Machine Cleaner
  • Remove Odor-Causing Residue
  • Easy to Use, Liquid Formula Leaves No Gunk or Grime Behind
  • Works in All Washers including HE
  • Maintains Machine Performance
  • Reduces Abrasive Build-Up Harmful to Clothes
WASHER MAGIC is a revolutionary product specifically formulated to safely and effectively clean any washing machine, including traditional top load washing machines and new High Efficiency (HE) washing machines.

WASHER MAGIC'S easy to use liquid formula eliminates musty odors without leaving behind the clumpy gunk and grimes that puck and powder washing machine cleaners do.

WASHER MAGIC is specially formulated to remove the build-up in the washing machine drum from detergent, water minerals and laundry foulness that bleach does not.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is this product safe for all washing machines, including stainless steel?
    Yes, this product is non?corrosive and all natural so it is safe on any washing machine and will bring stainless steel to a lovely shine.
  • Why should I use Washer Magic in my washer?
    Minerals can build?up in your washtub, pump, and hoses over time. The build?up reduces the ability of your washer to perform like it did when it was new. Mineral build?up like rough lime & calcium can also increase abrasion and wear on your clothing. The result: your clothes are not as clean as they could be and wear out sooner.