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Power Wheels Dune Racer Shifter Assembly

Power Wheels Dune Racer Shifter Assembly

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Genuine Power Wheels replacement Shifter Assembly, fits All 12 V Dune Racer vehicles made by Power Wheels. The W2602-9339 shifter is a black shifter with an silver/chrome handle which can replace a damaged or cracked shifter, and is most commonly replaced due to bad shifter switches.

The W2602-9339 shifter assembly is in New, Unused condition and is a original Power Wheels part, made by Fisher-Price. The shifter assembly includes the optional parental control lock out screw, this is used to stop the vehicle from going into its 2nd gear/high gear.

This shifter will include two internal shifter switches already installed. These are the rocker style shifter switches (00801-1775), which have 6 straight terminals on each switch. The shifter switch 00801-1775 is also known by part numbers 00801-1756, 00801-0923, 0801-0149 and 00801-0923. The only way to obtain a shifter switch is in a shifter assembly, or by taking the vehicle to a local service center, and having a Authorized technician replace the switches.

The W2602-9339 Shifter & Switch Assembly will fit the following models:
  • BCK89 Girls Dune Racer
  • BCV57 TMNT Dune Racer
  • BCV59 Boys Dune Racer
  • CBC58 Camo Dune Racer
  • CBK89 Dune Racer
  • CBP84 Camo Dune Racer
  • CDD16 Dune Racer Chrome
  • CDF93 Dune Racer Orange (WM)
  • CFG09 HW Dune Racer
  • DML91 Dune Racer Extreme
  • W2602 Dune Racer
  • W6201 HW Dune Racer
  • W6204 HW Dune Racer
  • Y6533 Dune Racer WMT
  • Y9367 Barbie Dune Racer