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Victorio® Food Strainer Model 250

Victorio® Food Strainer Model 250

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The Victorio food strainer model 250 is a kitchen necessity. Simply the best tomato strainer and sauce maker on the market. It is designed to separate the fleshy pulp from the skin and seeds of fruits and vegetables. The need for peeling, seeding and coring are combined into one very efficient process. You will save money and time while preparing healthy meals from fresh fruits and vegetables. A must have for the self sufficient individual. It is perfect for canning and food preservation too.

Victorio Kitchen Products has combined the best features from the 200 and 220 model food strainers to produce a sturdy, convenient and easier to use strainer. The one piece food hopper has steeply tapered edges allowing food to slide effortlessly into the auger. A new handle design provides more torque making it the easiest strainer to crank by hand. The waste funnel has been extended to push the waste further away from the sauce bowl. You won't worry about those pesky skins and seeds falling back into your sauce.
apple/tomato screen, standard spiral, pusher, hopper, squirt guard and instruction book including recipes.
Also available but not included:
screen accessory set, berry screen, pumpkin screen, salsa screen, grape spiral.
The strainer body is made of aluminum while the remaining parts are made of stainless steel with the exception of the spiral, hopper, pusher and the spout which are made of plastic.
How does a food strainer work?
The fruits or vegetables that are being strained first placed in the hopper. The hopper holds the food and funnels it down the neck of the strainer into the spiral. The spiral is what moves the food through the strainer. The spiral is specially designed to compress the food as it moves through the screen. The screen is tapered and fits the spiral so that the sauce and juices are squeezed through the sides of the screen. The skin and seeds continue down the spiral to the end of the screen where they move through the waste spout and away from your sauce. The sauce that comes out of the screen is caught by the squirt guard which directs the fresh puree and juices strait into your canning jars or into which ever container you want. Most food strainers on the market are manual meaning you have to crank the handle to make the spiral turn. There are strainer models that are designed for the attachment of an electric motor.

A selection of screens and spirals are available so that you can strain just about anything. There are two different spirals and four screens available so you can mix the standard spiral or the grape spiral with either the apple/tomato, berry, salsa or pumpkin screens to get the perfect texture you are looking for. Strain berries, grapes, tomatoes, apples, salsa, pumpkins and squash. A food strainer is perfect for making nutritious homemade jams, jellies, sauces, juices and baby food!
Victorio VKP250 Manual (Adobe PDF*)

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