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Replacement Canner Rack - VKP1055

Replacement Canner Rack - VKP1055

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Replacement Canner Rack - VKP1055

Replacement Double-sided jar Rack for the VKP1055 Dual use Canner.

The Victorio Canner uses an exclusive stainless steel double sided jar rack. This rack can either be used when steam or water bath canning dpending on how it is placed in the pot.

This rack has handles on one side and the other side is flat. For steam canning, fold the handles down and press the ends of the handles down until they pop under the wire rim, when you turn the rack over, the handles should be locked in place so the rack can be set in the canner with the flat side up. To use the rack for water bath canning, simply pull the handles out from their locked position and hook them on the sides of the pot.