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Victorio® Grain Mill

Victorio® Grain Mill

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The Victorio Grain Mill is the perfect addition to your food storage supplies. Similar to the Back to Basics Grain mill it is hand cranked, making it operable even during a power outage. Its durable, precise stainless steel burrs are adjustable to any texture, from very fine to coarse.

Not only is this grain mill ideal for emergency preparedness, it is also perfect for day to day use. Make healthier breads, cereals and pastries using homemade whole grain flours. Whole grains contain natural fibers and vitamins, while processed and refined flours are often nutrient deficient.

The grain mill holds 2 cups of grains and grinds wheat, corn, oats, rice, peppercorn, barley as well as numerous other dry grains and spices. This mill provides healthier foods while saving you money. Its clamp base is padded, preventing it from scratching your tables and countertops, while its compact size allows for easy storage in a drawer or cupboard.
  • Great for food storage; manually operated
  • Adjustable stainless steel burrs, grinds from course to fine
  • Grinds whole grains for healthier pastries and cereals
  • Padded clamp base prevents scratching
  • Product dimensions: 13 ? x 5 ??
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